5 Star rated lifetime pet insurance from MiPet Cover

MiPet cover, defaqto 5 star bannerWe’re pleased to offer MiPet Cover, pet insurance designed by our vets.

All of MiPet Cover’s lifetime policies, Essential Life, Classic Life and Premier Life, have received a 5 Star Rating from Defaqto.

These highly rated lifetime** pet insurance policies offer a comprehensive level of features and benefits, giving you peace of mind.

  • Essential Life – the entry level lifetime cover with £3,500 of vet fee cover per year*
  • Classic Life – the flagship lifetime cover with £7,500 of vet fee cover per year*
  • Premier Life – the highest level of cover with £12,000 of vet fee cover per year*


You can be confident MiPet Cover’s lifetime policies are amongst the highest quality offerings in the pet insurance market.

To find out more, please speak to reception or visit mipetcover.co.uk/referral for a quote.

Defaqto is a financial information business, helping consumers make better informed decisions.

*Vet fee cover is replenished every year for as long as the policyholder renews their policy with MiPet Cover.

**Lifetime cover explained: New accidents and illnesses (conditions) are covered up to the specified financial limit in each policy term. If the limit is reached during the policy term, the cover stops until the policy is renewed. At the renewal date the limit is fully reinstated and the condition(s) will continue to be covered. This is subject to the insurer inviting the policy renewal and payment of premiums by the due date. No further cover will be provided beyond the cancellation or expiry date of the policy. Please be aware that you need to renew your policy each year for cover to remain in force. The premium may increase each year due to rating factors such as age and claims made. If your pet suffers an illness during the policy term you may find it difficult obtaining cover for these conditions from other providers.