Our practices

Springfield Veterinary Group is made up of eight branches, working together to provide a high level of care. Our largest site is our Tier 3 accredited veterinary hospital based in Rotherham, and is open 24 hours. Three other sites, Firth Park, Crystal Peaks and Richmond, are fully functional operating branches, able to house day patients comfortably. The remaining branches, Mexborough, Wickersley, Chapeltown, and Gleadless, are single vet branches providing consultations only on-site. Each of these branches feeds into an operating site, with the vets traveling across each morning to perform their surgeries.

Patients requiring on-going care beyond normal working hours are hospitalised at our main, Rotherham, branch. Communication between Rotherham staff and the patient’s own branch vet is encouraged, however they remain hospitalised until well enough for discharge.