Advanced surgery

Advanced surgery

Several of the vets at Springfield Veterinary Group have a keen interest in surgery, and we can arrange for many complex procedures to be undertaken internally. Many of these are carried out at our Rotherham hospital by William Taylor BVMS CertAVP(GSAS) MRCVS and Shula Berg BVSc CertAVP(GSAS) MRCVS, both of whom have advanced certificates in surgery and are considered to be Advanced Practitioners by the Royal College. We also take internal referrals for advanced procedures from other local CVS practices.

Examples of soft tissue procedures:

  • Airway surgery (for BOAS).
  • Surgery of the eyes, ears and jaw (eg TECA, mandibulectomy, maxillectomy).
  • Thoracic surgery.
  • Extensive reconstructive surgery, eg for tumour removal.
  • Abdominal surgery.
  • Anorectal surgery (perineal hernia repair, anal sacculectomy etc).
  • Endoscopy (cystoscopy/bronchoscopy/gastroscopy).

Examples of orthopaedic procedures:

  • Cruciate repairs (lateral suture, MMP TTA).
  • Surgery for patella luxation.
  • Fracture repair.

If you feel your pet may benefit from surgery at Springfield, please contact us.