CT scanning and referrals

In Spring of 2021 we completed an extension to our Rotherham hospital to house a brand new state of the art 16-slice CT scanner.

Using the same machine that is used in human hospitals, CT (computed tomography) allows us to create 3D images in seconds. A rotating x-ray head inside the machine records 360° data enabling us to examine inside body cavities at the touch of a button. Many scans can be performed under sedation rather than a full anaesthetic, and a 2-way microphone system allows us to reassure pets while they’re in the scanner.

Although we will be able to see images almost instantly, CT can be complicated to interpret so all scans will be sent direct to a specialist imager for a full report, ensuring nothing is missed. There are hundreds of uses for CT as it is fantastic for examining inside the head, chest, abdomen and joints!

If you think your pet may benefit from CT scanning at Springfield, please ask your vet to complete this online referral form, or call us to book in a second opinion appointment.


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