Why is it important to look after my pets teeth?

Gum disease, caused by the build-up of plaque and tartar, is one of the most common diseases affecting cats and dogs. Often dental disease has no outward symptoms, but can cause chronic pain and discomfort.

How can Springfield Vets help?

We offer free dental checks at all of our branches, and in our nurse clinics. During an appointment we will assess the degree of dental disease present in your dog or cat and discuss the options available.

What if my pet requires treatment?

If dental disease is progressed, a dental procedure may be advised. We are fully equipped to perform dental procedures including extractions at all of our operating branches. Our dental machines are high-spec, with an ultrasonic scaler to safely remove tartar without damaging the enamel underneath, and a high-speed drill to safely section teeth when required for less-traumatic extractions. In the worst cases, our vets are experienced at performing surgical extractions. Dental machines can also be fitted with suitable attachments for safe and efficient rabbit dentistry.

Advanced dentistry

Our Rotherham hospital is equipped to perform dental radiography, allowing us to assess the tooth roots still within the jaw bone.

We benefit from a visiting specialist, Mr Colin Baxter, who works out of our hospital one day a month. Colin has extensive training and experience in dentistry and can perform complex procedures such as root canals. Colin takes referrals from within Springfield as well as other local practices. Please contact the hospital for more information.

For more information about dentistry at Springfield Vets please see the pet care advice section, or call your local branch to book a free dental check today.