Keyhole surgery

Keyhole surgery

Here at Springfield Veterinary Group we are pleased to be able to offer minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery. Now standard practice for human surgery, keyhole surgery has many benefits:

  • Less pain.
  • Faster recovery times.
  • Smaller wounds.
  • Low complication rates.

Wounds are typically two or three 5mm incisions for surgical procedures and one or two 5mm incisions for exploratory procedures. Post-operative pain levels are proven to be lower than for conventional surgery.

The most common surgery we perform laparoscopically is an ovariectomy, ie neutering a female dog. Although keyhole neutering is especially good for large, active breeds of dog, we are equipped to spay all sizes of canine – even Chihuahuas can be spayed laparoscopically!

Some of the procedures we can offer are:

  • Keyhole neutering (ovariectomy) for bitches.
  • Abdominal and chest exploratory surgery for diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  • Removal of retained abdominal testicles.
  • Gastropexy to help prevent GDV (bloat) in large breed dogs.
  • Investigation of urinary disease.
  • Biopsy of liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and tumours in chest and abdomen.

In the field of human surgery minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery has become the method of choice for the treatment of many conditions. We are amongst a small number of veterinary practices able to offer this service to our patients. The primary aim of offering these services is to reduce the pain of surgery for pets under our care. It also allows us to make a diagnosis in situations where conventional techniques may not be suitable.

Our veterinary surgeons William Taylor BVMS CertAVP(GSAS) MRCVS and Shula Waining BVSc CertAVP(GSAS) MRCVS perform laparoscopic procedures.

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