We are able to undertake many forms of imaging in-house, across several of our branches.

All of our operating branches are fitted with radiography facilities, with digital systems at our Rotherham hospital, Crystal Peaks and Firth Park branches. X-rays, generally performed under sedation or anaesthesia, are ideal for imaging the chest, the abdomen, and the skeleton.

Ultrasound, a non-invasive method of imaging, can be performed at our Rotherham, Crystal Peaks and Firth Park Branches. Ultrasound is usually performed with the patient awake, and is ideal for examining the abdominal organs in detail.

Endoscopy can be performed at our Rotherham branch. We have both rigid and flexible endoscopes of various sizes, enabling us to examine the nasal cavities, throat and stomach, and upper airways. Several of the endoscopes have biopsy channels to allow collection of samples at the same time as examination.

Computed tomography (CT) is available at a nearby practice whom we have a close working relationship with. This can be arranged promptly, and the specialist report produced will be sent straight to your pet’s own vet at Springfield.